48 sq ft

it occurred to me about a week ago that i have spent 90% of my time over the past 6 months in this 6’x 8’space:

sure, it is glorious!! decked out with luxurious cats, hand painted mountain scenes for the 95% of the time you can’t see the actual mountains, warm fire, nice home made organic latex pillows, a super warm wool blanket from norway my mommy gave me, spots to stash your coffee cup to avoid spilling, and a good variety of large birds sitting in nearby trees.

still, it is about 48 square feet, roughly a queen size bed.

the office isn’t done so i work here. the booth is just barely too small, so i eat here. it folds down into a bed, so i sleep here. this is the couch, so i hang out here before and after work. i am here basically whenever i’m not outside. i am here right now.

a mobile home is a sedentary home.



i worked on getting the office wired today. it was a pretty cold morning and being soft, i got a late start waiting for double digits.

insulation #1:

while up on the ladder i noticed the melt pattern coming off the framing members. there is only 1.5″ of roxul in the trailer, so this picture should not lead you to believe that there is great insulation, and it is just melting where the ribs are creating a thermal bridge. rather, it should illustrate that there is only 1.5″ of roxul (about r4 if i remember correctly) and the trailer is just cold. we are staying pretty toasty in the front, close to the stove. but, all the windows ice up inside each morning. my glasses were frozen into the condensation on the window sill this morning. we all have thick down comforters and have had no issues. pretty nice to wake up, warm, and have a sheet of ice 3″ from your head.  

insulation #2:

i got over anxious for some progress on the office, and inexplicably, put insulation and drywall in before wiring. now, i’m battling insulation and  drywall… because i put it up before wiring. i’m now about 2/3 done with the wire stubs for the office. maybe one more long day to get it finished up and get the window in.