i hesitate to post pictures of my work that do not correspond to the architect’s specification as he, like you, is an avid reader of this blog. he spec’d a dimple membane or bituthene 3000. well, this is montana, and the wheels of commerce move slowly. i assume the “waterproofing” material i did find is somewhat like a columbia sportswear jacket that claims to be waterproof, which is to say, a lie after 5 minutes. so, sorry lucas. if it’s any consolation, it sucked to apply, and i think i lost a pair of (black!) carhartts to the project. i did get the legit xps and i will order ahead of time from now on. the glue for the xps is a joke… hence the boards. good thing it’s never windy here and i have lots of scrap plywood.

the neighbor’s cows have arrived, and look happy. the bull keeps smelling the cows’ butts. deeply smelling. the boy asked if i thought the cows were annoyed by this practice. i replied, “most likely.”


an old friend stopped  by a week ago. pretty sure he’s going to get himself a tractor now.

it was feeling like spring, and there were boxes of plants that needed to get in the ground. so, we put in some fruit trees, raspberries and strawberries.

we took him over to the bison range, and the bison were actually down in the valley by the road – i’m sure the grass grows down here first – and shedding their winter coats.

this weekend i got the perimeter drain in (still some drain rock to go over the top) and the radon mitigation stubbed out. that sucked, but it is behind us now.

we haven’t had a frost in a week, and no more freezes are in the forecast, so i think we may have that behind us. i’m still not putting any summer stuff out quite yet.

i am pretty sure this will be a difficult gardening situation for me. i’m leaning towards a deep mulch situation going for water retention, weed control, general soil building, and to even out the daily temperature swings. slugs are less of a concern here, though i did see one just yesterday. it has been a while since i’ve had to pay attention to this stuff.

headed north

the north wall is leaning north about 3″ from top to bottom. not sure what happens next, but not a good start.

EDIT: an actual engineer has said this should have little to no impact on the structural integrity of the foundation as the corners are plumb and the corners provide most of the strength.

perhaps the wall is just attempting to escape the smell of the rotting cow pile to the south.

basement walls

i am known for my optimism. concrete work has begun and it is stressful. if it’s wrong, it’s going to stay wrong, and everything else will suffer down the line. i’ll rest much more easily once i can throw a tape on it.