some guy in texas had some major health problems, and postponed his building plans. this bad luck for a texan was good luck for us as it freed up stark construction to help us out at the last minute. they are just about finished and it will be sad to see them go.

these guys are amazing. their rough framing is all just perfect. everything is absolutely spot on. they generated almost zero waste from the whole house. moreover, i never heard anyone get upset once. they just plod through each step, nearly whispering to each other when they talk. they create everything with the utmost quality. we have been extremely lucky to have had access to their expertise.

anyway, enough gushing. here are the pictures.

living and dining room:

kitchen and hearth:

office/guest and master upstairs:

family room (picture is making this thing look much longer than it is) and kid rooms:

pimp deck and access to garage attic: