the exterior needs a few bits of siding, a few screws on the south gable roofing trim, and garage roof trim

the mudroom needs the other 1/2 of the tiles

the loft could use some bean bag chairs and a huge tv

the kitchen needs counter tops and a few other things

the countertops need to be installed (super awesome juniper butcher block)

first i’ve seen the mountains in weeks

the closet shelves just need to be screwed into place and finished a bit (check out my 4′ shelf – it’s just smarter)

my room needs the bed put together

this room needs a vga to hdmi adapter for a new raspberry pi to connect to an old monitor

the living room just needs lamp shades and a floor outlet

the deck needs some cables on the railing, and a new handrail

the bathroom needs a sink, shower grout and drain