30 minutes

you might not know this if you live somewhere else.

when you see the dark clouds gathering over the hills you have 20-30 minutes to shore things up before the onslaught. in this sheltered valley most days are pretty calm. but, when a storm breaks into the valley, and must somehow then get out of the same valley, things become pretty violent.

yesterday the outhouse was toppled. i don’t know what the wind was gusting at – 40 or 50 mph? something like that. 

today, they were calling for 60 mph gusts (don’t think it ever got that intense here). i scrambled to get my tools picked up and duct tape the awning, which had unravelled about a foot yesterday. despite being unable to open (see post in center) the wind will get under it and start to unroll it vertically. awnings are actually just sails in the right context. so, i literally, used a whole roll of duct tape on my camper.

this is what life becomes. scrambling in a panic to try and stave off the worst impacts.

they were calling for quarter size hail so i pulled the front half of the truck into the garage, pushing all manner of construction items in my path. then i went into the house to ride out the storm and see what was leaking. yesterday was a little rough:

the windows performed much better today when actually latched shut (closed is not good enough). still a few leaks from the upstairs doors i need to attend to. and that chimney skirt is still not keeping the sideways rain out, so i’ll need to go back up there sooner than later.

it’s the first time i’ve sat in the house, not working, just looking out the windows wondering what will happen next.

front row seats for the apocalypse.