48 sq ft

it occurred to me about a week ago that i have spent 90% of my time over the past 6 months in this 6’x 8’space:

sure, it is glorious!! decked out with luxurious cats, hand painted mountain scenes for the 95% of the time you can’t see the actual mountains, warm fire, nice home made organic latex pillows, a super warm wool blanket from norway my mommy gave me, spots to stash your coffee cup to avoid spilling, and a good variety of large birds sitting in nearby trees.

still, it is about 48 square feet, roughly a queen size bed.

the office isn’t done so i work here. the booth is just barely too small, so i eat here. it folds down into a bed, so i sleep here. this is the couch, so i hang out here before and after work. i am here basically whenever i’m not outside. i am here right now.

a mobile home is a sedentary home.


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