esc farm

tucked onto .11 acres in ne portland, this small piece of land has produced almost all our fruit and vegetables for the last 5 years. we move efficiently and thoughtfully, packing everything into a small space and tight time frame.


the barren lawn was turned into a lush space with ample shade, chicken runs, tons of perennials, a greenhouse, and nearly year round food. the shear volume of life surrounding us in the middle of a city is staggering. before and after images, compliments of google:

there are many reasons to start your own urban homestead, including:
:: your food will taste better than the best restaurants
:: your food will be healthier and more nutrient dense than anything from the fanciest of stores
:: you will fuel a small, but growing connection with the basics of life – birth, growth, death, dirt, and water
:: you will stop funding “big-ag” and all the downsides that come with it – massive water and pesticide use coupled with horrific labor practices
:: your will stop funding the petroleum based transportation of your food, saving all that is associated with that practice (co2, off shore drilling, road wear, etc.)
:: it’s cheap
:: and, you will get a kick ass sun tan
:: you’ll have some quiet, dedicated moments
:: you will start to understand old sayings, without having to consult the internet.
:: you will start to pay attention to a few more layers (weather, insects, seasons, etc.). these will become important. very important.

these are all just hints. you will find much more.

knowing that death was upon us, i decided to document our full last year, and pass these tips along in case they save you some time or gain you something else. check out the categories to the right if you’re looking to jump into something in particular.