the forecast over the christmas weekend was for a couple inches of snow the night before departure and one overnight low to be 6F, with the rest somewhere around 20F.

despite getting more than a couple inches of snow we thought, no big deal, left two heaters on for the cats, and drove away.

from a distance we watched the temperatures drop to less than -10F. we saw days not breaking out of single digits. when i finally arrived here tuesday morning it had climbed to 0F. the trailer was frozen solid and the cats were pissed. if not for our neighbor checking in, i certainly would have needed to come back over.

the water line has heat tape on it, and never froze. however, as soon as i had unstuck the ice plug coming in the copper joint started leaking pretty badly. i had to quickly re-plumb the water to the sink: 

since then i have been trying to get the rest of the lines unfrozen, and i did have a little success, only to have the outflow pipes freeze. i dumped a bunch of salt down the shower, and i have a seedling mat strapped to the exterior pipe now, but my hopes are low. the temperature is supposed to keep climbing to the low 30s in the next few days, which should help. though, i’m feeling i will still need to get a little more creative.

UPDATE: with a few good ideas — siphon+boiling water and a heat lamp under the trailer water is once again exiting the trailer.

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