south: the new berry patch – raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries pointing towards the mountains.

east: corona creek and the house orchard – apples, pears, cherry, peaches, and a couple almonds.

i don’t expect everything to survive.

north: vegetable garden. i’ll move that rhubarb some time in the future, leaving this space for annuals.

this is a more long term project. 25 pear and 25 apple rootstocks. i’ll graft survivors in a year or two.

water, deer, and voles are big pressures on young trees here. i have gotten several different water delivery systems. the voles girdle the trunks, so i’ve wrapped each tree in 1/2″ hardware cloth for the voles. i also put in some semi-permanent electric fencing to keep the deer out. you’re not supposed to put electric wire on metal t-posts, but by bending the clips a little too far on the wrong side, i can sneak the wires around a corner without grounding them. some day i might redo this fence correctly. but it’s hard to argue with the speed and cost of this setup. a couple hours was enough to fence in the entire house site.