insulated and worthless

the people at quest insulation have finished blowing the wet cellulose (newspaper with glue) into the walls. this is a strange process to see in action, but we should end up with R30 or better from our deep walls.

they also dropped off enough roxul (superheated and spun rock) for me to put up some sound proofing around the bedrooms and office. that was a miserable day, but nice to see what it will look like with well defined rooms. here you can see the roxul on the left and the cellulose on the right.

after drywall, they will blow some dry cellulose into the attic.

sunday i spent digging. with the amount of clay we have, getting the soil to drain is imperative. and raised rows are the answer. sadly, i cannot find the correct tractor attachment to do this back breaking labor. there are industrial strawberry bedders for large operations and potato hillers that are useless in our dense soil. if only i had a welder and could make one for  myself.

i was late getting this garlic in last fall, planting it after the ground had frozen. i just place frozen chunks of soil on and around it. surprisingly, it is all doing quite well despite the initial abuse.

not everything around here is a hardy and useful as garlic.