office progress

several posts combined here.


cait decided i wasn’t busy enough, and requested “a large rustic table.” so, i put together my very own ana white table: ana white table .

luckily this will match the ana white outhouse you may have seen in the first post below. we are now ana white saturated, and i feel this is at the very limits of my craftsmanship. ikea from here on out.

i got the window in my office:

i’m not going to say it will be waterproof, but i didn’t put an outlet underneath it, so i’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter. the window is facing due south, but if you crane you neck, and have a rare break in the clouds, you can just see the southern end of the missions. 

as noted before, computer-working in the trailer hasn’t been too bad because no one is here during the day. however, everyone will be here during the summer days and an in-house office will likely be the last thing to get finished. we’re also sorely missing space for freezers and bulk storage. so, i’ve been pushing through the cold weather, and i’m now pretty close to done. there is still a little drywall to hang, and it will probably get some siding and trim.i doubt i’ll ever mud it. laziness is a powerful motivator.

the back wall isn’t crooked. it must be your screen.

i was just going to go with a single door, but found the window and sliding doors from the rebuilding center in missoula on the cheap, both in pretty good shape. i’m pretty glad i did go with the slider as it is nice and light in the office, even if it looks a little funky. maybe it’s great looking. i can’t really tell yet. i’m just glad to be close to done.

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