roof almost finished

during a gloomy, gloomy week i chipped away at the roofing and the electrical setup. we’re now fully covered, i just have the gables and one last ridge piece to slip into place. i will be glad when the roofing part of this is completely over.

we also go the sub panel installation finished up. the trailer is now able to consume a full 30 amps. we can run an oil heater and the instant pot at the same time. i also fed an additional 20 amp outlet for general outdoor use.

we’re letting a neighbor use our west field. he turned that over with a huge tractor. it took him 5+ hours to plow (4 bottom plow) a 14 acre field with a 200 hp tractor. he’ll still need to disc and probably drag harrow it. i’m glad it wasn’t me doing it.

we’re not sure what he’s going to do with it yet, but the soil looked pretty good, despite a little clay higher up.

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