i hesitate to post pictures of my work that do not correspond to the architect’s specification as he, like you, is an avid reader of this blog. he spec’d a dimple membane or bituthene 3000. well, this is montana, and the wheels of commerce move slowly. i assume the “waterproofing” material i did find is somewhat like a columbia sportswear jacket that claims to be waterproof, which is to say, a lie after 5 minutes. so, sorry lucas. if it’s any consolation, it sucked to apply, and i think i lost a pair of (black!) carhartts to the project. i did get the legit xps and i will order ahead of time from now on. the glue for the xps is a joke… hence the boards. good thing it’s never windy here and i have lots of scrap plywood.

the neighbor’s cows have arrived, and look happy. the bull keeps smelling the cows’ butts. deeply smelling. the boy asked if i thought the cows were annoyed by this practice. i replied, “most likely.”

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