steps. office. larch.


added steps this weekend. what a hassle, but now we can get from one place (down) to another (up) without adding an inch of clay mud to our shoes. i broke down and bought pre-fab stringers from the hardware store. i had to cut them in several ways. they are pressure treated and do represent the first bit of decay resistant material on site. these were supposed to go the full length of the bay, but i realized i’d be exposing the concrete piers to too much weather (frost heave is a major concern), so we made a last minute decision to make them narrower. grassy knolls to follow on the sides.



i was planning on a storage container office. when i called for delivery, they said, “it’s gone. won’t be back for a year and a half.” i’m alone all day, so i haven’t really been missing it. but, i do want (a bear proof) room for at least one chest freezer and more office options. so… we are improvising. here is the finished end of the deck, and office floor. my father came over to assist and we made pretty quick work of it.

it’s insulated underneath already. i’ll just need to frame in the last two sides, cut a window, make a door, run some wires and get the freezers into place. should be trivial.


and finally, there is a clear band, delineated by elevation, maybe 4,000 – 6,000 feet that the larches grow. they turn in the fall and add some much needed color to an otherwise drab and featureless landscape. maybe cait will get a better picture uploaded in the coming days.

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