the pit of despair

here is the well head in front, with pipe leading to an underground concrete bunker behind it. keeping the pressure system in the ground keeps it from freezing. i told the guy doing this to run a drain to day light, down the hill so it wouldn’t fill with water. he insisted that he’d never seen one fill with water and put 4′ of rock in the bottom. i knew this was stupid at the time, but i couldn’t prove it, so i backed down. 

for the second time this spring the chamber is filled with water. getting dangerously close to the electric that powers the well, pressure tank, and the trailer. what an idiot i am to not insist on a drain. i have been told by several people to rely on “local knowledge.” i officially recommend NOT relying on “local knowledge” especially when it involves less work for the purveyor of the knowledge.  this particular guy has fooled me more than once with his local knowledge. shame on me.

in happier news, the house wiring is close to done. just a few more appliances and exterior lights to do. we couldn’t find any outdoor lamps we liked, and they are all several hundreds of dollars a piece. given our patina inspired look, i’m fashioning some sconces out of some copper i ripped out of the trailer. it only takes a few minutes, is simple, and should age well.