winter is coming

winter is arriving tomorrow. i don’t expect it to be as intense as last year, but even the low light hours has meant dramatically less time to get things done. i’m just trying to get as much buttoned up outside before harsher weather moves in.

don’t envy me too much, but check out the manure and straw. trying to get a new garden area prepped for next spring just south of the house. i’m hoping to inject some organic matter to fluff up the soil. i may throw in some wood chips to hold water, a little more top soil, and some cover crops early in the spring. hoping i don’t add too much nitrogen. just a little. 

the final act of kindness from stark construction – the deck is on. i just need to get some wire for the railing. we had just enough of the salvaged boards to cover it. we’re very happy with how this turned out.

the main power is hooked up, but i haven’t had the gumption to flip the breaker in the house yet. however, i did have the gumption to bury the wire, and smooth it out before we freeze. 

i think our friends have gone to sleep for the winter. no sightings or missing chickens.  

the slate hearth went in without too much trouble. but the tiles are not square and vary quite a bit in height. i need to pull a couple up and be more careful with the rest of it moving forward.

this is looking north, watching a cloud of snow envelope the valley. weather coming from the north is usually a bit more extreme.